Kelly at The Fairway Hotel

Kelly is super down to earth, easy going and such a gentle human being. She also has the most striking features, when I did her makeup and she looked at me with those sultry eyes I knew her fiancé stood no chance! I did a soft little undo just to take her hair off the shoulders, paired with a few soft wispy bits in the front. Kelly’s wedding was in May so the best weather for wispy bits (no no in hot weather). Kelly’s wedding was some time ago but I wanted to share her images today. I loved them, we had a fun morning with her bridesmaids (you can see by the group shots). Photographed by Heleen from Splendid Productions, you can always tell it’s her work, she really has her own style.

Photographer – Splendid Productions

Venue | The Fairway Hotel

Dress | Pronovias

Shannen at the Schoon Huis Manor

Shannen has the most perfect skin, hair Kim Kardashian would covet, beautiful blue eyes, gorgeous lips and a lovely personality to top it off! We met at the Memoire Wedding Festival and from the get go I enjoyed Shannen’s easy going personality. Shannen wanted a specific look, a natural eye but you can see how we were still able to create depth and shadow with liner and warm smoky browns. Otherwise the eyelid can look flat. Some gentle contouring to shape her lovely bone structure and to top it off, a Bobbie Brown red lip. Wowza!

Shannen’s hair we used a gentle heat (her healthy hair loves heat) to create her Hollywood waves. I used a wand, not an iron. I did soft teasing to create height on the scalp and then brushed the curls out. I tease up (using a large paddle brush) into the curls to help set them, this helps the curls to not separate and become tendrils.


Photographer | Melissa Meyer Photography

Hair and Makeup | Candi Makeup Team

Flowers | Bliss Floral Creations

Dress | The Wedding Collection

Rings | Lorean Jewellery Design

Venue | Nice to Meat you & Schoon Huis Manor

Mary-Jean at Lunikhy Game Farm

Mary-Jean chose the most perfect day in the bush to say “I do”. In March, our Candi Makeup team made the drive to Lunikhy Game Farm. Totally worth the 1hr drive north and you’re suddenly out of the hustle and bustle and in bush heaven. With the Autumn sun keeping us warm, the bush putting our busy Jozi minds at ease, with Mary-Jean’s friends and family laughing, Sigrid and myself felt just at home.

Mary-Jean is a Goldsmith, she makes the most beautiful jewellery. (You must check out her site!) I should rather say, MJ is an artist. You can see how she was able to bring together different elements of her wedding. By using colour, design, flowers, location and lighting (and suppliers), it’s not just a wedding.. it’s art..


Photographer | Page & Holmes

Hair and Makeup | Candice & Candi Makeup Team

Venue | Lunikhy Game Farm

Video | White Motion Films

Design | a seed to sow

Dress | Elbeth Gillis

Ansie at Memoire

Ansie got married on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, early May this year. The day was just perfect! If you know the venue Memoire in Muldersdrift, you can just imagine the venue changing as the weather changes into fall. The leaves begin to turn orange, the sky crisp and luckily the gardens were still lush from the April rains. I have posted some beautiful black and white images from Ansie’s wedding. Her story below..

Last year photographers ‘In abundance’ connected Ansie and myself when it was time for her engagement shoot and our friendship began. I consider myself fortunate when a bride chooses me to do her hair and makeup. Ansie is the most beautiful women! I think the smokey eyes and the soft curls just complemented her. A little soft and a little sultry..

Venue | Memoire Wedding Venue

Photographer | In Abundance

Hair and Makeup Candi Makeup Team | Candice and Sigrid

A Candi Makeup Recap on 2019

As we all dread winter coming, I see it as a closing to the first half of my year. However June is a busy month for weddings, let’s not dismiss June. We just tend to slow down, prefer warm food and company, we become homebodies. As I wrap up June before some R&R in July, let’s do a recap on 2019.

The last few months have been lovely. The weather has been perfect to host a wedding, I have had the best brides and I have enjoyed the energy of 2019. I have also used different techniques in my practice, for hair and makeup. A few of my brides from this year. Enjoy.


Our One Year Anniversary

Amazing how time flies when you’re having fun! We celebrated our one year anniversary on Sunday. I found myself thinking back to specific moments of our wedding day, thinking how amazing that day really was.

I am yet to share my photo’s from this special day. I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as we did! Planning a wedding is special, enjoy every second!

People always ask who did my makeup, me of course!

Photographer | Christiaan David

Venue | The Hertford Country Hotel

 Dress | Eugene Toll

Suit | Trenary

Cheese Cake | Linden Cheeses

Band + Sound | The Motherland

Rings | Geraldine from Tinsel

SKOON. Skin Care

Who doesn’t want healthy skin that glows?! Having skin that is balanced, hydrated and free from blemishes means less makeup and more confidence in one’s self! Today’s post is about my new skin care line that I now carry. SKOON.


So why SKOON. This stunning line fits the budget, it is a certified organic product using natural ingredients as well as high-tech actives. A little active ingredient never hurt no one!

In this blog series, each week I’ll be discussing which product is suitable for which skin type/concern. ie Normal, Combination, Dry and Sensitive/Ageing. This week we cover –

Normal with an Oily T-Zone

Most of us have a normal skin type but struggle with an oily t-zone. Especially in the summer months. This regime will help balance the t-zone, minimise spots/breakouts, keep you shine free but maintain moisture on the surface. Happy dance!

WHITEWASH Purifying Clay Cleanser

100ml – R395,00


Mineral Mousse Cleanser made with soft White Clay and Zinc. Helps to keep skin clear by binding with impurities and removing them from within pores without stripping away vital skin oil.

Natural Ingredient

Mineral Clay – Blotting effect on the skin.’Scoops’ debris from pores without stripping vital oils.

Organic Jojoba Oil -Rich in cis-11-eicosenoic acid. Slows down sebum secretion. Non-comedogenic.

Manuka Essential Oil – High level of anti-microbial activity. From East Cape in New Zealand

Scientific Ingredients

Probiotic – Replenishes friendly skin microflora. Helps to prevent acne, redness and irritation.

Fulvic Acid – Sugar chemistry at its best. Potent anti-inflammatory. Very potent free radical scavenger.

Zinc + Magnesium – Decrease redness and irritation. Effectively combat the activity of P. Acnes.

MUSLIN Face Cloth



Oldest beauty trick in the book. The weave of SKOON.’s 100% cotton cloth is perfect to wipe away excess cleanser and incorporate light exfoliation at the same time. Simple but effective – a must have for everyone!


50ml – R595,00


Light & airy, free flow moisture gel with Organic Rooibos, Honeybush and Marula Oil. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide 3 and Pomegranate Sterols. Use AM and PM.

Natural Ingredients

Marula Oil – Africa’s own beauty secret. High anti-oxidant oil for improved skin pliancy + texture.

Organic Rooibos Extract – Rare source of Aspalathin. Potent anti-oxidant that protects DNA from oxidative damage.

Organic Honeybush Extract – Contains the xanthone Mangiferin. Effective as an anti-oxidant and photoprotective agent.

Scientific Ingredients

HMW- Hyaluronic Acid – Yes – size matters with HA. Large molecules that sit on the skin where it entraps water.

Ceramide 3 – Skin-identical ceramide which helps repair and protect skin prone to sensitivity or dryness.

Pomegranate Phytosterols – Improves cell membrane stability and skin moisturisation.
Anti-inflammatory action.

MINERAL MATTE Balancing Serum

15ml – R430,00


Light mattifying fluid with Buchu and Vitamin B5 for a non-greasy skin feel and slight blotting effect. Enriched with Zinc and Magnesium to rebalance and clarify overactive skin.

Scientific Ingredients

HMW Hyaluronic Acid – Yes, size matters with HA. A large molecule that sits on the skin
where it entraps water.

Butyl Avocadate – From avocado pears. Helps to decrease excessive sebum secretion.

Zinc + Magnesium – Decrease redness and irritation. Effectively combat the
activity of P. Acnes.

Enquire Today! 

A Boudoir Styled Shoot

 I had the pleasure of doing a styled boudoir shoot with Alet and Kallen from In Abundance Photography. We had the shoot at Memoire Wedding Venue in Muldersdrift, a perfect venue to set the tone for our shoot. Boudine, our model had the confidence and beauty to suit our shoot, she was incredible and we all enjoyed working with her.

I met Alet last year September for the first time. I was at a wedding doing the makeup and the bride’s photographer sadly didn’t arrive (double booked, these things happen you know). Nicole remaining rather calm, Alet arrived 20 minutes later and literally saved the day! Yes, I know we can all take a good selfie with our smartphones but weddings should be captured by a professional photographer.  I still remember Alet arriving, she got straight to work. She delegated with ease knowing she had little time. I remember thinking, “Wow, what a special lady!” To my excitement, Alet asked me to join this styled shoot.

I must not forget to mention Scarlet & Rae, who dressed our Boudine. A brand that takes pride in hand selecting only the best fabrics for their garments and making sure that quality is their number one priority.
Each piece of lace is hand stitched, placed and selected, therefore making each garment somewhat unique and unlike any other. A personal touch is added to each and every garment that leaves our studio. Proudly South African.

Jewelry and Hair Accessories – Veils are Tiars for Africa

Candi Makeup’s Tips for the End of Year Prep

It’s official, we have 46 days to go and we begin a new year! I always find the last few months of the year a complete rush. One’s ‘to-do’ list grows with notes on holiday planning, Christmas dinners, gift ideas, end of year functions and of course finishing up work. We can often feel a little run down this time of year, which is no good considering the build up to the holidays.

I have listed my top tips in keeping those energy levels up and making sure you continue sporting a big fat grin, dammit!

Dry Body Brushing: 

Now ladies, pop down to the Dischem and buy yourself one of these body brushes. While you’re running the bath water, start at the feet and work your way up. Do this as often as possible, when you can see the skin improving drop down to twice a week. The benefits?

  • You will stimulate your lymphatic system. In your body, your lymphatic system is the system responsible for eliminating cellular waste products.
  • Increase Circulation
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Stress Relief
  • Improve Digestion and Kidney Function

Warm Bath with Epson Salts:


While your scrubbing with your new body brush, run the bath and pour a cup of Epsom Salts to the warm water. Submerge yourself into your Epsom Salt bath and relieve muscle tension, pain, and inflammation in the joints. The bath can alleviate tension headaches or soothe abdominal cramps. Tired and sore feet will also benefit from the therapeutic warmth of an Epsom Salt soak.

The health benefits of regular cycling include:


I have always enjoyed exercising, for about 6 years now I have loved Mountain biking and Road cycling. However I would say I am more of a weekend wobbler! Non the less it keeps me fit and tanned.

Cycling really has boomed in the last few years. Below is why I encourage anyone to go buy yourself a bicycle!

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Improved posture and coordination
  • Strengthened bones
  • Decreased body fat levels (need I say more?)
  • Prevention or management of disease


Skin Care:


Rose de Vie by Dr Sebage: Voted ‘Best Repair Serum’ by Harper’s Bazaar 2014. I was given this beautiful silky serum from my previous employer. I use it sparingly and highly recommend regular use in the winter months! This non-greasy serum leaves a protective film to restore the skin’s suppleness, whilst maintaining a healthy condition. Organic rose hip oil, anti-ageing and anti-oxidant ingredients reduce redness, protect and smooth the skin. Ideal for dry, mature or very sensitive skin, or for women living here in the highveld no matter the age.


Aloe Vera Gelly: Historically, many households kept a live aloe, or “burn plant” for first-aid use. I was doing makeup for a Malaysian client and she gave me a tube of Aloe Vera Gelly, needless to say I haven’t stopped using it. This thick and translucent Gelly contains humectants to moisturise, soothes and conditions. This product plums my skin without a greasy film, ideal for any skin. Honestly a great product for your kids and husbands. I can you a tube at R350,00 for a 117ml tube.

Green Smoothies:

I recently discovered PURE BERRY at the Bryanston Shopping Centre. They make the most devine fruit juices and smoothies. I am crazy for their “Eat your Greens” juice. It’s packed with Pineapple, Spinach, Kale, Cucumber and Mint. Ok it may not taste like a yummy Kauai Peanut bomb but the benefits are endless. I also find I have been eating less and craving less chocolates!

Health Benefits of Green Smoothies

  • Natural Weight Loss
  • Increased Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables (Particularly Greens)
  • Easy Digestibility and Nutrient Assimilation
  • Antioxidants
  • Increased Energy
  • Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Increased Fiber Intake
  • Clearer Skin

You can see where I’m going with this post, all these tips lead to healthy glowing skin. Stay healthy and you’ll see the benefits!