Kelly at The Fairway Hotel

Kelly is super down to earth, easy going and such a gentle human being. She also has the most striking features, when I did her makeup and she looked at me with those sultry eyes I knew her fiancé stood no chance! I did a soft little undo just to take her hair off theContinue reading “Kelly at The Fairway Hotel”

Shannen at the Schoon Huis Manor

Shannen has the most perfect skin, hair Kim Kardashian would covet, beautiful blue eyes, gorgeous lips and a lovely personality to top it off! We met at the Memoire Wedding Festival and from the get go I enjoyed Shannen’s easy going personality. Shannen wanted a specific look, a natural eye but you can see howContinue reading “Shannen at the Schoon Huis Manor”

Mary-Jean at Lunikhy Game Farm

Mary-Jean chose the most perfect day in the bush to say “I do”. In March, our Candi Makeup team made the drive to Lunikhy Game Farm. Totally worth the 1hr drive north and you’re suddenly out of the hustle and bustle and in bush heaven. With the Autumn sun keeping us warm, the bush puttingContinue reading “Mary-Jean at Lunikhy Game Farm”

Ansie at Memoire

Ansie got married on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, early May this year. The day was just perfect! If you know the venue Memoire in Muldersdrift, you can just imagine the venue changing as the weather changes into fall. The leaves begin to turn orange, the sky crisp and luckily the gardens were still lush fromContinue reading “Ansie at Memoire”

A Candi Makeup Recap on 2019

As we all dread winter coming, I see it as a closing to the first half of my year. However June is a busy month for weddings, let’s not dismiss June. We just tend to slow down, prefer warm food and company, we become homebodies. As I wrap up June before some R&R in July,Continue reading “A Candi Makeup Recap on 2019”

Our One Year Anniversary

Amazing how time flies when you’re having fun! We celebrated our one year anniversary on Sunday. I found myself thinking back to specific moments of our wedding day, thinking how amazing that day really was. I am yet to share my photo’s from this special day. I hope you enjoy looking through them as muchContinue reading “Our One Year Anniversary”

A Boudoir Styled Shoot

 I had the pleasure of doing a styled boudoir shoot with Alet and Kallen from In Abundance Photography. We had the shoot at Memoire Wedding Venue in Muldersdrift, a perfect venue to set the tone for our shoot. Boudine, our model had the confidence and beauty to suit our shoot, she was incredible and we all enjoyedContinue reading “A Boudoir Styled Shoot”

Candi Makeup’s Tips for the End of Year Prep

It’s official, we have 46 days to go and we begin a new year! I always find the last few months of the year a complete rush. One’s ‘to-do’ list grows with notes on holiday planning, Christmas dinners, gift ideas, end of year functions and of course finishing up work. We can often feel a littleContinue reading “Candi Makeup’s Tips for the End of Year Prep”