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Chanel Smoky Eye
Chanel Smoky Eye

May is upon us, along with chilly evenings, Zara blazers, closed shoes and beef stew. When I put it like that it doesn’t sound to bad, though I know how South Africans are when winter comes. Don’t worry girls, boots and red lipstick will keep us going!

Black Lips
Cat Eye
Hair 2015
Bed hair, low lights, big curls, hello!

Have you started to notice how people are not dying their hair. I stopped dying my hair five years ago. At the time I could think of one other person who had embraced her natural hair color and loved being a red head. Now I meet loads of women who are saying “No” to the good’ol peroxide and accepting/realizing that their own natural hair color is actually pretty gorgeous. Having said that, I do love a bit of ombre and I do love the dusty pinks and purples that are now on the scene.

Pink hair
Chanel 2015
Chanel specs. I need pink hair.
Hello Twiggy

I never thought I would use the words charming, volume or geometric to describe spectacles. Oh do I love these sophisticated lines, unique colours and elegance. Thank goodness the heavier frame is still in our good books.

Claudia rocking Rodenstock

There is no longer a distinct style or fashion when the season changes these days. Its really about what you want to wear. How comfortable you are, what you can afford, what your friends are wearing. However what does go hand in hand with cold weather is trench coats, thick scarfs, boots and leather jackets! I’m looking forward to black shirts, tight jeans and my leather booties.

Long boots for them long legs
French fashion week 2015
Sophisticated, Edgy, European
This is how we should always dress ladies..
L’Orpheline by Serge Lutens

“Fragile but whole.
Its name hints at a break but before the fissures show, its first two syllable conjure Orpheus, a poet who could charm even stones.”
– Serge Lutens

My love and appreciation for perfume started when I smelled Serge Lutens. I can still remember that faithful day. I was 20, my Bulgarian colleague summoned me to the new perfumes, she picked up Datura Noir. Sprayed the blotter and I was taken back to a distant memory. From that day forward I never wore fragrance the same way. Fragrance was not only a smell but a story. Smoky, woody and musk scents.

L’Orpheline – Serge Lutens

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