Fashion that turns heads

Has your monthly fashion magazine ever asked, “How do you want your clothing to make you feel when you walk into a room (full of people).”

Your fashion magazine may suggest – dress No 9 from Zara is a “Must have for Winter” though no list will be able to answer that question for you.

The checklist may be a guideline but no good if you like wearing an Urban shirt and Marie Claire suggests a wispy Country Road blouse.

Hopefully most of you out there know if you are a winter or summer palette. Or if you have an apple or boy shape figure. I bet most of you know how to take a look from day to night by swapping out your shoes and purse. Yet you can follow every rule in the fashion book and you still won’t feel uniquely and effortlessly you.

So I got thinking, what makes me feel good? What am I feeling or thinking when I walk into a room and everyone turns to look. I am feeling empowered, affirmative, sexy and cheerful. When I am feeling this way I am normally wearing jeans, a fitted shirt and heals.

Jeans, Jeans, we all scream for Jeans!
Jeans, Jeans, we all scream for Jeans
Jeans and big bag
Jean Pant, White Shirt, Big Smile.
Boyfriend Jeans, Floppy Blazer and Big Bag.

1. Black, white and denim is timeless. Pair your jeans with a white/Navy/black blazer/Jersey/blouse and you have an outfit that will never date. Think about your mom when they were young, they were sporting a pair of skinny jeans, white vests and tennis tackies. They all looked youthful, fun and alive.

2. Pair timeless with modern. So if you’re wondering if you may look like mom, I pair my jeans with a Jenni Button Blazer or a pair of tan Country Road heals or a thick floppy jersey to add a bit of contemporary.

3. Keep your seasons fluid. Light cotton shirts, summery hues and pretty sandals would feel utterly summer. Cooler months pair with a fall colours wooly cardigan, leather boots and cooler tones.

So you look at a particular women when she enters a room, you can feel her confidence. She knows the tricks of the trade, she wears what she wants, when she wants. When you feel empowered and good about yourself, people will always look. Partner that feeling with the right outfit for you and we have the formula to success.

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