Tutorial #5 My Perfect Canvas and Smokey Eye

I host Workshops and One-on-One lessons regularly, the one question I am always asked? How to do a smokey eye. Honestly, with good product, brushes and practice. You’ll ace it no time. I always begin any makeup with “Perfect Canvas” I first learnt of the term “Perfect Canvas” with Smashbox, however at my Makeup ForeverContinue reading “Tutorial #5 My Perfect Canvas and Smokey Eye”


A light heart lives long ~ William Shakespeare In a world of coded fragrance, where often one would not want to be original. Where an industry can be rendered a little boring or safe or driven by trends. An impersonal industry that likes flowers. Imagine discovering a perfume that will imprint on your mind. AsContinue reading “Anyway”

Take Me

  I recently came across a perfume claiming to slim your derrière aka your voluptuous bottom (which you run 20km each day to keep slim) This perfume slims you down just by spraying the fragrance onto the skin. Now before you stop reading and select the link on your browser where you’ll read how JeniferContinue reading “Take Me”

Candi’s Top Five Products

Now we all have our favourite products. I am sharing my top five! Ok six. 1. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. Primer primer primer. You have to prep your skin before you apply foundation. Woolworths 2. Face and Body Foundation by Makeup Forever Paris. Light weight water-based gel formula/foundation, though build-able coverage. Soft and dewyContinue reading “Candi’s Top Five Products”