Candi Inbox: #London

#StreetStyle #London I decided to do a rather quick visit to London last week, arrived the Sunday morning back last week Friday. 5 days, crazy yes but totally worth it! Every time I am able to visit an overseas country I find I return with bright eyes, new ideas, a big smile and a generallyContinue reading “Candi Inbox: #London”

Do you wear perfume like you wear clothing?

 Growing up as a young girl all I knew about perfume was my underarm deodorant ‘Ballet’, by Yardley. My mom would buy my can every few months after pay day. If I finished it before then, well I would have to wait. I have memories of primary school where I still recall a teacher taking us girls intoContinue reading “Do you wear perfume like you wear clothing?”

Bella Mela a Pop-Up Shop!

As they say, a change is as good as a holiday! Daniela and Heather were in serious need of a holiday! After many years in the hectic, deadline driven media industry. These two girls decided that they needed to break away and pursue their dreams of owning a small women’s clothing business. Bella Mela was bornContinue reading “Bella Mela a Pop-Up Shop!”