Spring has Sprung

Spring is here. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Though you are still wearing that brown Bobbi Brown lipstick. “This is a nice winter lipstick,” she told you. Now winter is done folks and I will say it again, summer is here! I have recently taken a strong liking to a turquoiseContinue reading “Spring has Sprung”

Take Me

  I recently came across a perfume claiming to slim your derrière aka your voluptuous bottom (which you run 20km each day to keep slim) This perfume slims you down just by spraying the fragrance onto the skin. Now before you stop reading and select the link on your browser where you’ll read how JeniferContinue reading “Take Me”

Dog Food and Blanket Run

Candi Makeup has joined forces with “Jack and Jill Gourmet Dog Food” and “#PuppyLuv Blog” this season to collect dog food and blankets for pups at Barking Mad, a Non-Profit Organization. We are calling for old blankies and dog food, jackets are also welcome! We will have drop off points at my home in Magaliessig,Continue reading “Dog Food and Blanket Run”

Do you wear perfume like you wear clothing?

 Growing up as a young girl all I knew about perfume was my underarm deodorant ‘Ballet’, by Yardley. My mom would buy my can every few months after pay day. If I finished it before then, well I would have to wait. I have memories of primary school where I still recall a teacher taking us girls intoContinue reading “Do you wear perfume like you wear clothing?”