Hello Summer

I just love this time of year! I come out of my hibernation feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready for anything!

My spring and summer inspiration?? I took inspiration from Prada. I finally have a decent pair of Harem Pants, not quite Prada but Witchery will do fine. I also love the use of khaki, this colour will be making a strong appearance into my wardrobe this coming summer.


Khaki Pants


MAKEUP – Lipstick

Lipstick is making a come back.. Though I suppose it never left.. but forget pretty glossy pink lips, or a natural shine which we casually slap on before heading off to work or when meeting a friend for a drink. We’re talking about matte, bold strong lips.

I like emphasis on the lips, it allows you to play down the eyes. Which means a little more time in the morning before work (extra cupa coffee anyone?).


Bold Matte Lips


Have become the most essential part of a women’s face. Forget lash extensions or bone structure, its your eyebrows that balance the face and create drama. Smashbox have the best pencil for eyebrows, always look for a khaki-ish colour. Avoid a warm tone.


With the recent activities at Pretoria High School for Girls, I cannot imagine saying that these two  women have “unprofessional hair” and should relax it. They are beautiful, Viva South Africa. We must stand together and support one another.

I am always a fan of angular frames, they really “frame” a person’s face. 


So I am on a mission to loose weight, yada yada yada.. You know how it goes. Though I have a plan, I want a new bikini. A fancy one, so I have put away some cash as an incentive, only once I loose the weight can I go buy my new cossie. I have my eye on a new Seafolly at Bryanston shops…. 🙂


Recently I had the opportunity to smell Parco Palladiano IV by Bottega Veneta. Its amazing when you smell a fragrance and the smell stays with you, like a memory. That is when I know I have found my next scent.

 “Parco Palladiano IV is a warm, luscious vision of a Mediterranean garden at midday. With its bright, summery yellow hue, the fragrance features rich floral and fruity notes: a unique blend of azalea and chestnut that creates a velvety and deeply feminine fragrance. The glass bottle with silver cap is embossed with the intrecciato pattern and expertly hand-finished.”


Until next time..

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