Candi Inbox: #London

#StreetStyle #London

I decided to do a rather quick visit to London last week, arrived the Sunday morning back last week Friday. 5 days, crazy yes but totally worth it! Every time I am able to visit an overseas country I find I return with bright eyes, new ideas, a big smile and a generally happier me. I suppose holidays do have that effect on a person.

Back to London, the Sunday I spent a wonderful day in Cambridge. The rest I walked, tubed and bused around London Town with my better half who continues to prove he is my ultimate travelling partner (bonus) except when I just had to pop into the Ted Baker store (then there was a grumble and he would head off to the closest pub, which is normally two or three shops down) uninterrupted shopping time for me (bonus). I love fashion and below are a few of my favorite street styles.

Jersey dress, white takkies and a side braid.
The best color combo, denim + white + beige.
Soft turquoise on Oxford.

I found the English love their lipstick, everywhere I looked there was a stylish or hip women with bold lipstick. I wear my red lipstick but on special occasions. If you prefer eyes, partner some bold on the eyelid and you’re in business.

download (1)
Shimmer gold on the eyelid.
Hair bun and red lips.

Braids really do add a bit of glam to a hair-do that could be pretty boring. Simple bun, but plait in a braid from the nape of the neck into the bun and we’re in business.  Plait small braids from the forehead into a glam pony tail. Love adding some spice to a quick do!

Louis Vuitton Series 3 VIP Launch - Arrivals - LFW SS16
Braids turn this simple pony tail into rock star!
Side braid to complete sexy curls.
Ruffled and tussled braid.

Being the beauty fiend that I am, I spent some time in the Space.NK stores as well as the Boots stores. I love all the bits and bobs one can find. I can get lost in a Diskem or Metropolitain Cosmetic store! I found the Soap and Glory products. I am always on the bum mission to treating “Cellulitis” and keeping my bottom in mint condition! S&G make a ‘Firmanator’ gotta love the name! This cream is a special bikini body firming formula and is specifically for orange peel. Now ladies I know diet is the best route to keeping one’s derriere firm and smooth, though with age and wine one must be extra cautious with one’s bottom!!

So very quickly, The Firminator uses D-Puff-7D Energinseng-VC and ElasticBoost-B with peppermint and Litsea Cubeba tonning oils. I have the feeling they may have made up those names up to sound fancy, perhaps I should have spent my 10 pound on something else…. though I am a sucker so lets move on.. Remember squats + Firmanator = awesome bottom!!!

The Firmanator….

Product #2 if I haven’t last all credibility with the last product, hear me out! ‘No Clogs Allowed’ is amazing!! This deep pore detox mask is self heating, gentle and contains kaolin to extract and acids to clear. Boom, skin exfoliated and looking radiant. I’m addicted.

A mask to rule them all!

Gotta love being a women!




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