Hair Tutorial #3 The Sock Bun

I have always loved the sleek and elegant look of a bun. Some of us have the length to pull off a bun however we need volume. A sock bun is my solution to this elegant and easy to do look. If you missed our last tutorial on curling, read it here! With the warm summer weather, a quick undo is a great solution to keeping cool.


Step #1 Take a sock and cotton wool. The thicker the sock, the larger the bun and remember to use a sock that is a similar colour to your hair colour. Stuff your sock with your cotton wool, and shape your sock into a donut. Your opening will then close around the toe area of your sock. You can purchase a donut from hair salons or China Mall, though we all have spare socks and cotton wall around the house.



Step #2 Brush out your hair and secure into a ponytail with an elastic band. Remember, higher the ponytail placement, higher the bun will be. You have the option to smooth out the hair, creating a sleeker ponytail for a more elegant bun. Or allow a few wispy pieces to fall loose, for a less kept and playful bun.


Step #3 Take the sock you rolled and pull the hair from the ponytail through the center of the doughnut. Spread the hair around the doughnut and fan out evenly from the centre, covering the sock donut.


Step #4 Secure each section with a pin to hold the hair.





Step #5 the remaining hair will depend on your length and thickness. Take sections and roll the hair inwards and then wrap around the bun and secure with pins.





 Step #6 Roll and pin. Roll and pin. Repeat with sections.




A soft and elegant look done in minutes.

Photographs by Christopher Smith Photography

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