Teri, the Venus de Milo

A year ago Teri tied the knot, well last year August to be exact. It was a warm spring day which always gets us South African’s smiling.

Teri had such a distinct look on her wedding day, firstly her bun was so original. Her hair pulled away from her face elongated her features, opened up her face. Every time I look at these images I think of Venus de Milo, the Greek Goddess of Love. Teri had such poise on her wedding day, I can imagine her guests could not take their eyes off of her.


Johannesburg Photographer

Johannesburg Photographer


I smoked the outer corner of the eye with the Aqua Pencil Makeup Forever #0L, this pencil is creamy so work quick to blend, then the pencil will set, no smudge. I continued with black eyeshadow and blended to the crease and soften the black with a cool tone brown (MUFE Eyeshadow #98) I kept the ball of the eye light with a soft shimmer (MUFE Star powder #946) Individual lashes and liquid eyeliner to finish.

Johannesburg Photographer

The Venue Wedding

Johannesburg Photographer

Johannesburg Photographer

The Venue Wedding

Photographed by Gingerale Photography

Makeup by Candi Makeup

Venue – The Venue


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