Hair Tutorial #1 French Braid

I am often asked, “Candi how do you do a quick and easy French braid?” With a little practise you will be braiding your hair in no time at all! Find someone with long hair, by seeing the actions you will be able to familiarise yourself with up and over actions of braiding. You’ll find it easier when you attempt it on yourself! Below I have step by step guide for a simple French Braid.


Step #1 Make your parting, can be middle or side.


St2p #2 From the parting section hair down toward the ear.


Step #3 Divide the hair into three sections.


Step #4 Fold your top section of hair over your middle section of hair, moving downwards. (Remember to always be working alongside the head with the braid).


Step #5 As your top section folds downwards, fold your lower section upwards.


Step #6 Your middle section is now on top, carefully pull more hair to add to your middle section. This is how you will “grow” your braid.


Step #7 Add some hair to your lower section, the middle section will fold downwards. Then fold the lower section over and repeat this action.


Step #8 As you fold each section over and under take more and more hair to add to the three sections.


Remember I said to work alongside the head.


Step #9 Work the braid towards the ear.


Step #10 Pull the remaining hair into the braid, secure with a clear elastic.




Simple and pretty braid that shows off Louise’s blonde hair, beautiful!


Photographed by Christopher Smith Photography.

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