Buitengeluk’s Secret Weapon


Now a few of you will know if you head down Cedar road toward Broadacres Spar you will find a hidden gem. Buitengeluk, this dutch style restaurant and venue opens onto green lavish gardens, a green house to marry young lovers and food that will get your taste buds begging for more. Buitengeluk is tucked behind the centre, the venue takes you into the country. A mere 5min drive from Monte Casino. You must be asking, “Candi you see many wedding venues, why is this one so special?” Well Buitengeluk has a secret weapon, Phern!

Many years ago I met Phern at Bride&co and many stories later I was able to do Phern’s makeup for her wedding day. Now a couple years later Phern joined Buitengeluk, she is their head wedding coordinator. Since we all speak wedding, food, wine, adventures and laughs, Phern and I have continued to be mates. Phern is a magic little wedding planner, chef and friend. So for those of you looking for a wedding venue, I think I may have a few ideas for you!

When you normally read the interviews done by the editors of Marie Claire or Elle magazine with glamorous actors they normally set the scene in a beautiful hotel lobby of some swanky hotel (which is normally a small pokey room where the actress cannot escape). I simply emailed Phern, luckily she responded as she has been training for Kilimanjaro. She returned on Sunday bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for another busy wedding season.

So back to what you love and do Phern, what initially got you into wedding planning?

  • I had studied to be a chef and as a standard at hotel school you had to do a round of training in each section from front of house to house keeping. I worked in the front and was training by the wonderful coordinator that truly cared and was never jaded by the amount of weddings she did. I found out that I loved being with couples and being a part of their dream day. Not only that, but I get to deal with happiness every day I come to work. It’s such a rewarding job and it’s not only the couples that are wonderful but its the relationships you build with suppliers [friends] that make every wedding run smoothly !

What inspires you as a planner?

  • This might sound cliche but my parents are a big influence, they have been married for 44 years and they have this one photo from their wedding day and they both look so happy with the world at their feet. I want to create that feeling for my couples! Its not just the best decor, food, entertainment or dress that are going to make or break their wedding… it is the pure love and adoration of the couple. That alone can inspire the whole day and I always start the planning process asking the couple what they want, what is going to make their wedding personal and a showcase of their love

Do you have an “impression” or “badge” that would say this is a “Phern wedding”?

  • Think planners get carried away with this, flowers is my signature or this style has my touch on it. They need to remember its not about them or their work, its about the couple!  Just before the bride walks down the aisle I fold up a tissue and hide it in the bride’s bouquet, no one else knows its there but the two of us. It’s to remind them that they are about to marry their best friend.

Your 2015 wedding inspirations/elements/flowers ideas?

  • I personally think couples are leaning more and more to quality over quantity having smaller more intimate weddings with close family and friends. They are adding personal touches. Origami bouquets that last forever, stronger colours, using flowers that are in season. Couples are creating an experience and feast not just a typical wedding. I think this is the direction where we are headed for this year.

Why do you love Buitengeluk?

  • Buitengeluk is a hidden gem, no one expects the gardens or grandness of the venue as they walk in. To be honest its more then just the buildings and pretty gardens, it is the staff the very force that breaths life into the venue every day that makes us different. Their care, finesse and enthusiasm is contagious!

Describe a unique element about Buitengeluk?

  • Personalisation and attention to detail! Of course have you seen our awesome green house!

What type of bride gets married at Buitengeluk?

  • Brides who want to have a wedding that is tailored to their needs from the menu, set up and co-ordination. Couples who want to show off their personal flairs and appreciate attention to detail.

Advise you always find yourself giving your brides?

  • TAKE A DEEP BREATH! Listen to your coordinator we honestly know who the best suppliers are and we only recommended them so you can have a better wedding we get nothing out of it!

Planning your wedding day really is such an experience, enjoy every minute!

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