Lipidol – Cleansing Face Oil


Its no news that we have an interesting new line from Bio Oil available in Clicks. I still remember seeing the brand Lipidol in Clicks and going, “Ooooh!”. If any of my clients or readers know me, I love simple brands. I love simple branding, simple packaging and clean lines. My house sports a similar look. When I laid eyes on this interesting brand I was immediately intrigued.

Lipidol is a range of six oils. Its simple, Cleansing Oil, After Shave Oil (for the boys however I use this shave oil on my legs after shaving!) and Face Oil. Body we have the Body Cleansing Oil, After Shower Oil and Sunscreen Oil. Six simple products. I used the Cleansing oil this past week, I love brands that use oil to cleanse/remove sebum/remove makeup in their cleanser. Foaming cleansers may give you that tight fresh feeling but the cleanser simply strips your lipid film. Where as an oil will care for the skin while cleaning.

Now a quick science lesson, water and oil have different densities. You want to use this cleanser (initially) without water as it won’t emulsify. Apply the oil directly to the skin, massage into the skin then add water. The product will then gently emulsify into a watery and creamy lather, rinse and apply the Overnight Face Oil by Lipidol.

I gave this little magic cleanser 5/5. It did not agitate my eyes (I suffer from Glaucoma and I rarely use product around my eyes as it can irritate) The cleanser removed all makeup without drying. Need I say more?

Lipidol Cleansing Oil – R79,95

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