Warm Redhead VS Cool Redhead


Back to the business of Warm VS Cool this week. Calling all redheads as we have an interesting topic today. In the last two articles on blondes and brunettes, I was able to separate the warm from the cool. Red is already a warm tone, when looking at cooler tones the hair tones tend to be plum or pink. I find redheads really can mix things up as you may be working with a warm hair color but a cool complexion. How much fun!!

Green Jewels and Red Lips.

Redheads will have a fairer complexion, porcelain and flawless. Redheads won’t normally tan, by staying out of the sun means healthy and beautiful skin. If you are a fiery redhead change things up with gold jewellery. However if you do have a cool complexion silver or pewter is king.

Soft Beige.
A Blonder Type of Red.
Soft Pink Cheeks.

I love the Makeup Forever Face and Body Foundation as they cater for fair tones and this light weight foundation will complement a perfect and even skin tone. Give it a good shake before you use it.

When I have done makeup in the past for redheads I often opt for warm/peach browns. I found the mushroom/cooler browns didn’t suit even if my client had a cool complexion. Honestly I would rather go for a black liquid liner or smudged black liner against the lash line.

Pink or rose blushers to add colour to the apples is key. If you would like to contour the cheekbones, go for a pale peach bronzer, use ever so slightly from the hairline dusting down to shape the cheek. Rather embrace porcelain complexion.

Lip options are endless for a redhead. I do prefer reds but a soft pink or coral can also be an option. Play around.

Plum and Denim.
Pink Bun.
Kelly rocking Pale Pink with Silver.
Soft blossoms to pair with this redhead.


Gotta love Denim.

Rock different size and colour spectacles and sunnies. Jungle green, red, navy will make awesome colour frames. I find redheads really can wear a diverse range of colours, makeup and clothing. Most certainly a hair colour to embrace.

Want her Sunnies.

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