Warm Brunettes VS Cool Brunettes


Returning to our three part series of Warm VS Cool, today we discuss brunettes. If you read last weeks article on Warm Blondes VS Cool Blondes you may now understand this colour concept or may be adding to what you already know. The purpose of these articles, I want you to make smart choices when purchasing makeup, clothing and dying your hair.


Jessica partnering gold highlights with her gold dress.

Your warmer skin tones are olive. Your skin tans easily, gold and rose gold jewellery compliment your complexion. Gold, yellow and bronze highlights are the easiest way to brighten up your hair colour. Eyes tend to be golden brown or hazel, green, blue with gold flecks. When it comes to your wardrobe orange, bronze, yellow, beige, white are your best friends. I also like jungle green and coral!

Soft highlights to compliment a tanned complexion.
Gold ombre.
Bronze goddess.
Warm red lip and liquid liner.

Red lips all the way during the winter months. I love the Makeup Forever #44 Rouge Artist partnered with a brick red Aqua Lip Liner 9C. Quick liquid liner and bronzer on the cheeks, we’re done!

Unusual but I love it!


Cool pink lips and cheeks.

Your cooler brunettes tend to have a fairer complexion, however can tan in the summer months. Deep chocolate and ash brown hair colours suit this complexion. Stay away from yellow highlights. Eye colour range from deep brown/black, dark blue and hazel. Silver jewellery is honestly the best option for your skin tone. Your wardrobe can range from white, grey, navy to black. Though throw on some bright pinks, peach and pale pinks to brighten up your day.

Grey and purple top paired with an ash brunette.
Elegant and balanced look.
Ash Brown.
Keeping it simple.

Keep your blushers, eyeshadows cool. When your at your local MAC store compare the browns, you will quickly notice the browns that have gold/yellow/red in them. Rather opt for grey, mushroom, pink browns. Pale pinks on the cheeks will soften your look.

Soft beige on the eyes, liquid liner and pink lips.
Bright pink with cooler tones.

I am a brunette, what I love about my colouring is that in summer I have no problem tanning. I then rock a warmer look. However in winter I go super pale, my hair even becomes darker as I spend less time in the sun. I then enjoy wearing navy, grey and black. I find brunettes can easily manipulate their colouring, dying your hair is the easiest way to change your look.

Jessica Cool VS Jessica Warm.

When Jessica’s hair is darker (which I think is still quite warm) she pairs her gun metal outfit with smoky silver eyeshadow. When the hair is lighter and gold, she wears gold and wears a sneaky turquoise eyeliner. However keeps her complexion warm. I love being able to change my look simply by adding different highlights or changing my jewellery. Enjoy.

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