Warm Blondes VS Cool Blondes


Today we’re back on the topic of Warm VS Cool. I’m looking at blondes today and once you view the images below you will see how each blonde is different. You may quickly see if you’re a warm or cool blonde, or you may see you need to tweak your blonde, makeup and clothing. How fun!!


Jen rocking warmer tones
Jen rocking warmer tones

Warm skin tones tan naturally, can be a little oiler than your cooler complexions. A warmer skin tone can freckle, (always wear sunblock.) Choosing blonde highlights with a warm undertone which will compliment your complexion best. In our images below the blonde tone is a little more gold opposed to white or silver. Bronze and peach eyeshadows will make the eyes pop. If it winter and the summer glow is gone, a peach blush is just right! Otherwise bronze up with bronzer. I like apricot and rose pink lipsticks/glosses on the lips.

Warm Strawberry Tones
Warm Gold/Strawberry Tones.
Warm tones
Warm tones though I feel Julie’s complexion would have suited cool tones. Look at her soft pinky skin tone. Agree?
Red complementing Reese’s Warm tones.

I don’t want to say this is right and that is wrong, however I don’t like mixing cool colors against a warm skin tone. If you can make it work go for it otherwise try selecting beige, khaki, green, orange, reds, yellow for warmer skin tones.

Winter 2015 – Warm tones, Beige, Khaki and Navy.
White, Green, Navy are best on our Warm Blondes.


Ms Paltrow’s icy blonde with a silver blouse.

Cooler complexions have a pinker undertone. The skin doesn’t tan easily, the skin is often delicate and can be drier. If well looked after (stay out the sun and keep your skin hydrated), you can keep the skin looking flawless for years to come. Your silver and white blonde highlights are better suited. If you notice your blonde is looking yellow, you need to pop your hairdresser a visit. I love mushroom greys and browns on the eyes. Even soft shimmer pinks are pretty on the eyes. Pale pink or rose pink blushers are best. Lips vary from pink to red.

Jen with cooler tones. Change your hair to suit your season.
Gwen with platinum blonde.
Michelle – Pale Pink and Whites.

I love your ice cream colours on cool skin tones i.e. pale pinks, mint, lemon, turquoise and grey. However your cooler, slightly brighter pinks and corals brighten up any cool blonde. White, silver and grey are stunning on pinker complexions. Try pale blues to mix it up. Especially if you have blue eyes. A good test! Visit your local Woolies, take two tops. One gold and another one that is grey or silver. If you’re cool you’ll quickly see that the gold looks hard and the complexion suddenly looks drained.

Platinum Blonde with Watermelon Pinks.
Pale Blue and Denim.

The purpose of these articles is that you find Your style. I tend to go a little cooler with my look in winter as I loose my tan completely. I then opt for navy, black and grey. However in summer when I’m tanned I wear all the gold I can get my hands on! So your skin tone may be flexible however you may prefer to keep a warmer/cooler look throughout the year. Play with our clothing and start being smart when you purchase eyeshadows and makeup. Thats how you perfect your look.

Eyeshadow Cool VS Warm



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