Warm VS Cool

When I am with a client for makeup, before I begin I look my client (up and down) and casually ask,  “Are you cool or are you warm?” Now I’m not asking if my next victim would like low fat or full cream milk with their coffee (I can hear Tim Noakes shouting full cream!!). I’m trying to figure out what colours and tones will suit them best. I’ll also ask if they wear gold or silver jewellery or what is their favourite colours to wear? Are you a summer or winter type of gal?

So this is what personal stylists on about! Whenever you’re with a stylist they will always try determine whether you’re warm or cool. Its not hard, it simply helps a person select the correct colours for you. I also select makeup based on, if your warm or cool.

I have put together a three part series for you girls out there who would like to tweak your makeup bag, wardrobe, hair colour and perfect your look!

Warm/Cool Colour Wheel
Warm/Cool Colour Wheel
Penelope – Warm, Amanda – Cool

In the image above, Penelope and Amanda both sport a turquoise dress. Penelope has warm peachy bronzer/blush, gold on the inner corner of the eyes and simple diamond/gold earrings. Penelope’s dress is a little more teal to suit her bronze complexion. I have become such a fan of Amanda Seyfried, I really do heart her.  Amanda has done a simple smoky eye, pinky cheeks and a little raspberry lipgloss to stain the lips. I love Amanda’s pale skin, we know too much these days re the sun. Her skin is flawless! In the weeks to follow, I’ll go into detail on this very simple yet interesting topic of Warm VS Cool.

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