Choose the Perfect Foundation

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Bottega Veneta Luca Connonieri

Dewy – Often the dewy/fresh look requires a fair amount of product. First off, prep the skin with moisturizer. This look is often best suited for normal to dry skin types. If you tend to be shiny leave this step out. While the moisturizer is still moist on the skin, apply primer (HD primer from Makeup Forever #O is my best) This will soften your lipidic film and create a soft base to which you will apply your foundation. Another winner is Fatal Beauty from Veld’s from (Metropolitain Cosmetics) this will add a soft sheen to the skin. I find other products can be too glittery. Choose a foundation that has little or no powder. Face and Body foundations from MAC or Makeup Forever are awesome. Pat these foundations for an even coverage (avoid brush strokes from your foundation brush as it will streak) Finish your look with cream blush and add a touch of shimmer on the cheek bones to highlight.

Matte Skin - Calvin Klein Collection

Matte – New generation foundations are silky in texture, allow the skin to breath and set with a no-shine finish. Normally best suited for normal to oily skin. Smashbox’s anti-shine primer is ideal to absorb oil and keep you shine-free during the day. Start with good skin care, try Dermalogica’s Oil control Lotion this will keep oil under control with no drying out! Using your foundation brush apply your foundation to the areas that need it most. Blend the left over foundation to the jaw bone and finish off with a patting motion to soften the finish. Makeup Forever Matte Foundation or Stila Stay All Day Foundation are my best. Finish off with a dusting of compact powder to set your look, Pro Finish Powder from Makeup Forever really is my ultimate product! I personally get very shiny in the summer months, I simply do a dusting with my fav Kabuki brush and my makeup stays put! Finish off with pretty pink or peach blush on the apples.

Play around and see which one suits you best, remember change your look as you change your cloths. Nothing is set in stone.

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