My Sun Care Secrets

Isabeli Fontana Bikini

I bet you spent your Heritage Day in sun sipping on a refreshing glass of Chardonnay? Did you wear sunblock on those shoulders that have not yet seen the sun this summer?? Ok, so you did apply sunblock. Well Mommy Candi has some suggestions to prepare you for a healthy summer in the sun.

  1. Antioxidants are Essential, no longer optional! Quick break down for you, free radicals are molecules that damage the skin’s DNA. Free radicals are produced by UV rays and pollution or by our bad habits eg. Smoking. Don’t relay alone on your SPF, increase your insurance by adding an antioxidant serum in the morning which will help create an environmental guard to shield and neutralize those bod boys. Ingredients to look out for Vit C, Green Tea and Resveratrol. (My personal fav, Rooibos Flash Repair by Velds. Metropolitain Cosmetics)
  2. Two coats are the new one coat. I know we all have chores in the early morning but I’m adding a second coat of sunscreen. Unless you’re working in a cave, I’ll let you off the hook and don’t forget to sunscreen that décolletage!
  3. Expiry date. Would you drink off milk? If your sunscreen from two summers ago is still in the cupboard its time to chuck it and replace with a new one. One other thing, try keep your sunblock out of the sun and in the shade.
  4. Waterproof VS Water Resistant. You sun block should state that it is water resistant for 40-80 minutes. Try avoiding toweling down after your swim.
  5. SPF who? SPF 10 is too low and SPF 35-45 is just right. A SPF lower than 15 won’t be broad-spectrum which will only offer protection against UVB rays. Low SPF provides little or no protection against UVA rays. (NB UVA decreases the activity of your T-cells which are your skin’s immune system.
  6. The Buddy System. So we have our antioxidant serum/cream with our sunblock. How about you pop an antioxidant supplement? I pop a grapseed supplement from Solgar every morning with my oats. Or load up on foods that are high in antioxidant. Not only are you building an environmental guard within your skin, your skin will begin to glow and become youthful. “I’ll have two jars thanks.”
Bergasol Tanning products

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