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Summer is here, luckily we made it through the treacherous once a year winter. I never know how we do it. Probably with the help of deep red lipsticks, chunky scarfs, red wine and Country Road.

I’m taking my Spring/Summer inspiration from the catwalks, Elle Magazine and perfume. Now that we will be able to enjoy long lunches on the weekend, that beloved summer glow will bring us back to life. Soft cheeks, soft berry lips and structured eyebrows. Add a touch of sheen/shimmer to your under eyes and cheek bones to highlight and bring forward.

Red but soft lip
Glowing skin
Lip and cheek

Pastel, Printed, floral and neutral palettes. Lightweight fabrics softly draped over the curves of our winter bottoms! (Don’t worry, we will get back into yoga!) This Spring/Summer collection is feminine however has an alter ego; Edge. Don’t you just love it?

Ana Rustic Spring 2014
Soft Dresses Spring 2014
Short shorts, Long hair
Floral Jumpsuit
Summer Trends 2014
Dolce and Gabbana

Crazy floral sunnies, I want those sunnies and that shore line!


Yes, these bad boys are making a come back. Go get a pair and fast!

Summer hotness with Birkenstock
Blu by Bruno Acampora

Most fragrance’s that will be released for Spring/Summer 2014 will be pretty floral types, though why would you go for pretty floral when you can go for Capri floral?? Bruno Acampora comes from Napoli, Blu is a concoction of Tuberose, Jasmine, orange and Sandalwood, a fragrance that is otherworldly and dreamlike. When I wear this fragrance I am taken back to Capri, my hair blowing in the island breeze, I can feel the summer sun warm against my skin. I fall in love again..

Blu – Metropolitain Cosmetics Hyde Park


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