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I love this time of year, everyone seems to be chirpier, the days become longer and that chill in the air disappears. I loving sharing stories about my brides and makeup. I also love to share about myself. I find myself reading articles or blogs about people and their adventures and I find it inspiring. I have put together a few images that are inspiring me for August. I came back from Italy and Paris in July. Life is always different once you have been abroad. I keep finding myself day dreaming about Europe, longing for those long days, history and quaint little towns. I love South Africa and I know where the heart is but I sure love to dream.

Spring/Summer Trends 2014

As I always do I look to beauty, fashion and makeup for inspiration. I have a warmer skin tone, I like to wear warmer tones. I love my nude, coral lips and bronze cheeks in summer. I have been sporting rose gold of late. While walking the Ponte Vecchio in Florence I indulged in a beautiful rose gold ring and necklace which I partner with my Granny’s gold signature ring and my own chunky gold ring.  If I can, my belt buckle/shoe buckle or any other small details, will also be gold. Don’t worry, it will never be too much!  Apply this if you are cool tone, though have fun with silver.

Tinsel – Contemporary Jewellery, 4th Ave Parkhurst Rose gold obsessed
Zara 1
Zara Chiffon Blouse – Khaki
Chloe Nerd Glasses

I have not been able to wear contact lenses lately, so off I went and invested in a pair of Chloes (with a gold detail) I’m not quite used to my new look, though one must embrace! I love the innovation and style behind the brand. I will be getting my next pair soon.

Weylandts Cargo Desk
Weylandts Iron Chair

The last images are not quite beauty but essential! I spend a lot of time in my office, in my case.. its where the magic happens! My office truly reflects who I am. Tidy, simple, creative and most importantly bright and open! I love Weylandts, I often look to their mood boards for inspiration. We all need a room or spot in our homes that is ours.

Croatia – Dalmatian Coast

Lastly, Croatia. We all have goals that we work towards. After visiting Italy, I have really missed planning and researching for my next trip. So I went and chose my next destination! It may be next June, if not the following June 2016. I like to have a carrot to work towards, the motivation will stop me from wasting money on silly things and give me something to look forward too! Planning for a trip is the best in learning about the country, I suppose what I am getting at is we need to feed our minds and souls.

Don’t we just live a beautiful life?


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