A light heart lives long ~ William Shakespeare


In a world of coded fragrance, where often one would not want to be original. Where an industry can be rendered a little boring or safe or driven by trends. An impersonal industry that likes flowers. Imagine discovering a perfume that will imprint on your mind. As Leo explained in ‘Inception’, “an idea” that will ingest the mind and leave you changed forever.

I wear a fragrance that has evoked such mystery that I feel I will never wear fragrance the same way. Anyway by Juliette has a Gun contains 15 ingredients. This fragrance has gone back to basics, keeping only the best. I find Anyway unites feminine and masculine. Neroli, Jasmine Absolute, Green Lime Essence, Ambroxan and Hedione. Your senses are awakened and suddenly you are alive. The fragrance is fresh, gentle and somewhat haunting..

Here comes the science, Ambroxan is a rather interesting ingredient..

Firstly, ambroxan is a “terpenoid” which is an organic chemical. It is an autoxidative product of ambre gris.

Secondly, Ambre Gris is a solid, waxy and flammable grey substance produced in the digestive system of sperm whales. Freshly produced Ambre Gris has a marine faecal odour however as it ages it acquires a sweet and earthy scent. How does it age? The sperm whale will regurgitate the substance, the substance will  float in the oce an (while maturing)then wash up onto the shore. This substance is incredibly rare. Ambre Gris is used in fragrance as rubbing alcohol/fixative, a substance far superior without the vaporous chemical astringency making any scent last longer.

Ultimately the perfumers have made the “fixative ingredient” the star of the show.  Ambroxan changes on the skin creating a pheromone. How exciting, each person has their own scent and each person will respond differently to your scent.

When last did you ask what was in your perfume..

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