I dare you to go bare..

Natural beauty
Natural beauty

The au natural look is low maintenance and trending. We often go with the heavier eyes and lip for winter. Scoping the beauty trends, the minimalist and clean face look was a look most models were sporting this winter. The bare look screams confidence, it takes guts to be comfortable in your own skin. I have listed a few products to assist you along the way to your very own bare look.


Essie – Jazz. I have been wearing this color for years.A good old faithful. Warm beige/skin tone.

Bare nails
Bare nails

Skin Care:

– Strivectin EV Get Even Brightening Serum by Strivectin SD. A brighter skin, excess pigmentation and dark spots are diminished. If your skin is looking its best, you will not need the heavy foundation. Strivectin EV contains Nia 114, Vit C, Salicylic acid and Synovia. The product literally cranks up your skin’s radiance and boosts clarity. Yay!

A partner in Crime? Sun City SPF30 by Dr Sebage. What we have here? An anti-aging protective care. The product is anti-pollution and anti-oxidant. So opposed to using a “Sun Block” we are also preventing premature aging caused by the environment. I love this product because it is micronized mineral filter technology and natural biotechnology. Helping your skin to maintains its youthful appearance. = Luminous/Transparent complexion.


– Foundation

Now that your skin is dewy, healthy and transparent. Most of the work is done here. Tinted moisturizer or a Face & Body foundation is the way to go. Ps Let your kisses from the sun shine through, aka your freckles. No skin is perfect, let your real skin shine through. Makeup Forever and MAC make the best!

– Fill in your brows

Love her thick brows
Love her thick brows

– Cream blush on the apples. Stila Convertable Lip and Cheek from Woolies is my personal Fav. Colour – Lilium

Rose cheeks
Rose cheeks

– Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge lipstick #30 0r #22 for a nude pink (I mix the two) = Buttery lip


Embrace it ladies. My ends tend to be drier so I apply hair cream to my ends (Your hairdresser can help you out with a cream or serum that is light weight.) I do a rough blow dry with the hair dryer, the more you do this you will find your hair will begin to go into its natural wave. Why go against your natural wave or curl? Your hair will love you for it! Give yourself a few weeks of doing this and you will see how healthy the hair will become. Keep the heavy blow dries and straightening for functions. Style the bangs if need be.

Natural locks
Natural locks

I know I am being a little sentimental here but God gave you your beauty. Love yourself, embrace what you like and overlook what you don’t and begin to love yourself. Strangely enough, you will see yourself in a new light.

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