What is your signature shade of lipstick?


My clients often ask me how I got into makeup. Often people ask if I was playing with mom’s makeup as a little girl and that is how the inspiration started. Quite frankly I was never very good with makeup. Growing up, I had frizzy/bushy/wild hair that needed taming so I spent a lot of time try to smooth my hair to get a sleek do! I would slap on some powder from clicks and off I would go! When I was 17 a friend from youth did my makeup for New Year’s Eve. Blue metallic eyeshadow if I recall, I still remember looking at myself and thinking how beautiful I looked. I was hooked. Fashion TV made their official launch on DSTV, many hours was spent watching how the pro makeup artists did makeup. I would sit in front of my mom’s dressing-table before I had a bath each night practicing how to achieve the perfect “smoky eye” .

I am a devoted nude lipstick girl. My hair, my style, the weather, (my boyfriends) may change but my nude lip has stuck with me since my late teens. We all have our trusted “go to” products, no matter what mood you’re in or meeting/coffee/function you may have to attend. This is the second winter I have started wearing red lipstick. I am hooked. What I was finding when the cold weather settled in my bronzed cheeks and nude lip wasn’t quite doing it for me. This look suits me when I am tanned. Now I am pale, like the rest of Jozi! When a person is pale, you will find you can wear more makeup, I enjoy navy blue shadows and my signature red lip. I pull out my winter coats, boots and smart shirts. I wear liquid liner, pinkier blush and red lips. Very European, stylish and different. As South Africans, we love our shorts, bikini’s and flip flops. I love changing my style and what better way to do it when the weather changes.

I mix a brick red aqua lip liner from Makeup Forever #9 C, then my signature red lipstick is Makeup Forever #44. It’s a warm red/deep apposed to a blue or fire-engine red. It’s deep and sultry, the brick red liner warms the lipstick perfectly. It also stays on, my nudes always fail me but this combo, I could fight a war with this red on! I dare you, go get yourself a red lipstick..

Makeup Forever #44
Makeup Forever #44
So sultry
So sultry
Brighter red on a warmer skin tone.
Hotness yet so simple..

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