My 3am wakeup call


I was up rather early a few weeks ago. A chilly Wednesday morning all the way in Mpumalanga. A group of us headed out to Florence Guest Farm for a styled shoot. A styled shoot with wedding vendors from the wedding industry. My alarm sang its usual song that wills my brain to wake up. Though I was already awake. I knew that song was coming so I decided to wait for it, 3am eek. For those of you who don’t know or perhaps you have seen from wedding blogs, wedding vendors often get together just for “sommer”! As Hester from Love and Grace, Flowers and Decor had said to me on our 2,5 hour drive to Florence Guest Farm. We were getting together for sommer, to sommer make something pretty! Sommer is a lekker Afrikaans word that means “just because”. So us vendors get together and style a wedding shoot to how we want! Though I suppose the shoot has purpose, Christopher the photographer and driving force behind the shoot will send out the photographs to wedding blogs and magazines to showcase our work.
I’m sure you understand now!
Back to my figure of speech. My wakeup call! I have always just done makeup. During the month of Jan I decided that I should be doing hair styling. I have always been good when handed with a paddle brush and a GHD iron though I have never acted on it. So when Christopher asked me to do hair and makeup I realized I better start to learn. So I had a few lessons with a pro from Veaudry Hair in Lonehill, Angelique. We first worked on building a foundation, so we started with basic styling techniques, curling, pinning, even how to hold irons/brushes etc. One has to practice on different hair types. From there your creativity can only make you a great hair stylist. There are no limits, I have loved it! I have been looking up different styles, trying to copy them, I got my brain working! My imagination and passion is growing. I have done makeup since 2004, 10 years later I have now decided to learn something new. Ok I have added spray tanning to my bag of tricks though hair styling is a real skill. I wanted to share this with you as we often forget to learn new things. You could learn how to play golf, play a musical instrument or learn how to ride a bike. Hair styling will open new avenues for Candi Makeup.  Imagine what learing something new would do for you? Enjoy the rain..



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