Resveratrol aka the Youth Molecule

Resveratrol is biologically important Stilbenoid.
Resveratrol is biologically important Stilbenoid.

I must admit I have become increasingly interested in ingredients. Not the ingredients you use for baking or cooking but the ingredients we find in our face or body creams. There are many of us out there that are skeptical whether these ‘miracle’ creams do in fact work. The type of creams that claim to remove pigmentation, smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Or better yet, remove your stretch marks!

A word that has everyone talking is Resveratrol. Wherever you may look or care, you will find this new ingredient lurking within your moisturizer. Be it on a Solal vitamin or an expensive face serum. So I had to find out a little more about this ingredient that we call ‘The Youth Molecule’.

Firstly, Resveratrol is a natural phenol or antioxidant and produced by many plants such as grapes and by knotweed, a Japanese root. What makes Resveratrol so interesting is its ability to extend the lifespan of specific organisms. Now keep in mind when I say organisms think cells. Majority of studies have been done on mice, worms and fish. Interestingly enough they were able to extend the life span of a short-lived fish by 56% by introducing Resvertrol into its diet. The fish’s swimming activity and survival instincts were also improved. Pretty cool hay?

Even though the studies are pretty impressive, most of the research has only been done within the last few years. The studies are also pretty broad, studies from cancer prevention, cardio-protective effects, anti-diabetic effects, skin protection and life extension. Being in the industry that I am, this is why I find Resveratrol so interesting and it’s ability for skin protection. In cell culture experiments, scientists exposed keratinocytes to UVB radiation. FYI Keratinocytes are the predominant cells found in the epidermis. These guys primary function is to create a barrier against environmental damage. The keratinocytes were exposed to UVB however the cells were treated beforehand with Reveratrol. The Resveratrol inhibited activation of the UVB pathway and increased cell survival.

Think of this, we are city dwellers. We are exposed to pollution and radiation, by breathing we are oxidative. These are environmental factors, we need protection. I bet you’re thinking, I wear sunblock I’m protected. The way I see it, why apply SPF everyday for protection when you can build it within your skin? Ultimately Resveratrol increase and promotes cellular health especially within our keratinocytes who need it most as they form our epidermis. Your skin is protecting you from oxidative stress which this leads to healthier skin, skin that has less wrinkles, pigmentation and looks radiant. Got you interested?

Where can you find this miracle ingredient? Dr Sebagh Suprème Maintenace Serum R3980 60ml Metropolitain Cosmetics
Resveratrol extra strength by Solal R217 60 capsules Diskem

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