Tammy’s wedding predictions

Photograph by Laura Jane Photography
Photograph by Laura Jane Photography

Tammy recently married her dove, Lee on the 28th of September. They married in Nelspruit where a dear friend of mine did the makeup and Laura Jane photographed her spectacular wedding. Now you must be wondering why I am sharing a wedding where I was not booked to do the makeup. Firstly, the dear friend Sherri was a bridesmaid at Tammy’s wedding and secondly I was booked to do the famous Phern’s makeup at Canteen at Arts on Main that very day.
What is so interesting about Tammy is her rain predictions. For as long as I have known Tammy and had the pleasure of sharing a glass of wine with her, Tammy has a weird prediction. A few years ago I attended one of Tammy’s birthday parties and I remember it was pouring. Pouring with rain that is. I will never forget Tammy saying,

“It always rains on the day of my birthday. Without fail, the summer rains arrive each year on the 7th of October.” Some how I have never forgotten her statement and as the wedding fiend as I am I put this weather theory into my file of ‘please note when planning your wedding day.’
When we had our first lekker pour of summer rain on the 7th October this year, I quickly went to Facebook and there was a notification for Tammy’s birthday. I had to laugh to myself. I hope all of you take Tammy’s rain prediction as seriously as I do and remember, August/September are awesome months to get married. All the best to Tammy and Lee.

One thought on “Tammy’s wedding predictions

  1. Ahh lovely Candi, you forgot to mention you did my lovely tan for the day hehe

    If you read Laura’s blog, a knife was stuck in the ground during the ceremony by my Mom and Aunt to stop the rain haha, maybe that can be a totally separate article “how to stop the rain on your Wedding day”.

    Mwah mwah

    Much love xxx

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