The Skinny on Blush and Bronzer


When I ask the question, “Do you wear blush?” Nine out of ten times I get a yes. Where the question and answer becomes interesting is where the blusher is applied and what tone of blusher is used. Before I head into some scientific explanation of blush vs bronzer, lets try keep this plain and simple.
Blush and bronzer are two different makeup products. Both are applied to different parts of the cheeks and both are different colours. Finally, Yes, you do wear both.
Blush is there to enhance the complexion, add colour or flush. That natural pink apple you get when you use the stairs (gripping onto that fresh Vidda Cappuccino on the way to the office) Normally blush is soft shades of peach and pink for fair complexions, deep plums and burgandy for Mediterranean or dark skin types. Blusher is applied to the sides of the apples, on the sides will prevent the doll look.
Bronzer is to define the contour and bone structure of the face. Yes it will add color as bronzer is darker but the purpose is to define. I normally choose my bronzes by asking for compact or finishing powders. Bronzes tend to be brown/red/orange/muddy. Though by asking for a compact powder aka finishing powder that you use to touch-up shine throughout the day, you will find a better tone with a matte finish. Shimmery bronzes are great for night outs and summer. I get my personal bronzer from Makeup forever, I normally purchase a color three shades too dark. For example, you have similar coloring to Kim Kardashian, opt for a colour for an Indian women. If your fair, go for a compact powder that would match a tanned women. I’m sure you get the point. Apply your bronzer from the ear, blending the bronzer below the apple so that you almost cup it. Bronze the jawbone while you’re at it and neck.
Last few points, I want your blush/bronzer to become part of your foundation regime. Blush/bronzer are applied after foundation and powder aka perfect canvas. If you tend to apply it after eyeshadow and lips, you might not actually do it. Suddenly it’s 7am and you need to get to work.
Ok now I am making it complicated, one last step! Finish off with highlighter along the periorbital and along the nose to brighten up the eye area. Pretty glowing skin, yes please!

Woolworths, Smashbox Intermix Bronzer 5/5 (strip of pink through the middle to soften the bronze)

Makeup Forever Mat Bronzer #3

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