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I recently came across a perfume claiming to slim your derrière aka your voluptuous bottom (which you run 20km each day to keep slim) This perfume slims you down just by spraying the fragrance onto the skin.

Now before you stop reading and select the link on your browser where you’ll read how Jenifer Aniston keeps her tummy flat. Hear me out! Opposed to being sceptical, I had my ears flapping! The fragrance is French made. No not America, no pills here! A company called Velds, where most of their ingredients are harvested right here on our very own Karoo lands. Have developed a  fragrance that can slim you. I wonder if the locals know of the magical weed growing on their homelands. Pends Moi, “take me” known by the French has my attention. Though how can a fragrance make you slimmer? So I have done some investigating! So the skinny on the actual scent, fruity floral notes, light and zesty (Easy on the nose!) combined with an exclusive complex of neurocosmetic ingredients. Now I had taken those words straight off the box. It all sounds pretty basic to me with some beauty slang thrown in.. We have floral notes (most fragrances do anyway) and we have fancy neurocosmetics.

The ingredient, Betaphroline is the magical ingredient which releases b-endorphins on the skin. B-endorphins are derived from Tephrosia. Tephrosia Purpurea seed extract is the star of the show. We need Tephrosia just like we need Gareth Cliff on 5FM mornings. Tephrosia is from the pea family and is in fact poisonous to fish and by the looks of it, poisonous to cellulite! An extract of Tephrosia is Betaphroline, this is what releases b-endorphins. These endorphins reach the olfactory brain, the hypothalamus. Now I can just imagine I am taking you back to biology class. From our young years, the hypothalamus is an almond shaped portion of brain matter. This is where thirst, sleep, attachment behaviour, circadian rhythms and hunger are controlled. Once this wonderful endorphine reaches your almond shaped ball of gold, a sense of wellbeing replaces any urges of compulsive eating and stress is reduced. Now before you tell me how can smell do that, just think about how a pot of warm simmering stew makes you feel. How does the smell of freshly baked bread affect you? Warm apple pie? Believe me, we are most certainly affected by scents! This is pretty scientific though I love science and I love scientific evidence to prove that something works! Just before you go order your five bottles, I have more good news. Once tephrosia is massaged into the skin, (with the help of Carnitine) the Betaphroline activates two key enzymes to process fat-breakdown! Lipolysis is one action taking place which shrinks fat cells (which is good enough for us as we can rid ourselves of fat cells unless we go visit Dr Beverly Hills) Second action, we activate collagen which strengthens the dermis/skin.

(quick lesson, enzymes are large biological molecules responsible for thousands of chemical interconnections that sustain life aka Catalysts)

So the skinny on Pends Moi? The fragrance controls eating habits and once sprayed onto the body you have a cellulite treatment. Available at Metropolitain Cosmetics at R830,00

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