I had met Susan on a number of occasions. Normally at Kristin’s birthday parties, a close friend of mine, now also engaged! We always said hello, though I never really got to know Susan. One evening at Kristin’s 25th birthday, Kristin was rather eager for me to come greet Susan. She pulled us together and insisted we chat as Susan is engaged and I am a makeup artist. A match made in heaven. Susan looked rather nervous as we chatted as I can imagine she had already received some quotes for her wedding day. I could see in her eyes, “oh no, another cost, eep”. Though we had a lovely chat and we both went our separate ways after our “wedding banter”.


Some time later I received a call from Susan wanting to book me for her Avianto wedding. I was only pleased to hear from her. Susan, her twin sister and her sister in law were absolute gems on the big day. I used a soft smokey grey for the outer corners of Susan’s eyes which complemented her hazel eyes. Soft pink on Susan’s cheeks that showed off her apples. I love her porcelain complexion, her beauty is timeless.


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