HD Foundation?

A few years ago, a new word joined the beauty industry. HD, High Definition. Now we are all familiar with the word when purchasing a new plasma screen from the local High-fi Corp. Not when purchasing a foundation. With the arrival of digital technology makeup artists were suddenly struggling to hide and conceal the imperfections of “famous people”. Making the jobs and lives of makeup artist even harder. An HD image is approximately six times more detailed than a standard image. With new technology, makeup houses have created a new generation of makeup. Which is both invisible to HD camera and to the naked eye. Pretty clever, if you ask me!
So I went out and tried the Makeup Forever HD Foundation. I did find the texture dryer. Best you partner the product with a primer, it will help to soften the texture. An HD Foundation is often oil free, medium to high coverage liquid foundation with an incredibly fine texture. I do feel the foundation is best suited for an oilier skin type. If you have imperfections to mask this foundation will get the job done.
When using this foundation, use a small amount and then pat the product as you blend it. Then add/layer more foundation. No need to paint like an artist, as you’ll have streaks.
My personal fav: Makeup Forever HD Foundation
HD Foundation

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