Home made Body Scrub

For years now I have been making my very own body scrub! I have also made it for clients in the past. As you know I do spray tanning, before you have a spray tan one must exfoliate all dead skin cells. I also recommend that you exfoliate at least twice per week! The benefits? Well just imagine having a smooth derriere which isn’t the cause from your 1000 lunge daily workout! When you exfoliate, you also stimulate lymph drainage which will help improve water retention and cellulite. While scrubbing regularly, you remove dead skins cells. This process will improve desquamation and result in lighter and a brighter skin complexion. Lastley your skin will be able to absorb the goodness that you apply daily. Hello gorgoues skin! So lets pop down to your local health shop!
Shopping List:
1.       Bag of Organic Sea Salt
2.       500ml Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil (you can dilute it with another carrier oil eg Almond Oil if you’re super dry)
3.       Small bottle Rosehip aka LiGOLD
4.       Essential Oils of your choice! I use Lemon (Great for lightening and brightening the skin), Juniper (improves circulation and lymph drainage), Cypress (diuretic), Rose for the scent.
5.       Glass Jar, I always get the Consol jars and you can decide on the size.
Start with sterilizing your jar. Fill your jar so that it is half full with your salt. Pour in the grapeseed oil so that you cover the salt. Add a few drops of each essential oil into the mix. Give the lot a stir and then add more salt and then more grapeseed, mix. I find filling the jar with salt and then adding the oil can be difficult to mix especially if the salt is very fine. Doing it this way in stages will actually be quicker! I recommend a 500ml jar as you won’t get enough of this scrub! One last note, always scrub at night and wear sunblock if your in the sun the following day. If you are preggies, rather make a scrub with just the grapeseed oil and salt. Leave the essential oils out as they are potent! Happy scrubbing!

3 thoughts on “Home made Body Scrub

  1. I try to do a full body scrub at least once a week, and it can be pricy when you head off to Body Shop or Crabtree to get yummy products when you run out! Thanks for sharing the recipe for your amazing scrub Candi, can't wait to try making it myself!

  2. Sounds amazing!! Very in line with the trend of home spa treatments that is so popular right now. Great recipe, I will be doing this soon! Thanks Cands

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