A trip to Cape Town

Through a lovely group of friends, I met Roz. Well, when I say friends I mean brides. I was fortunate to do makeup for Jessica back in 2011. I then did Cathy’s makeup (Jessica’s sister-in-law) the following August. As well as Carryn’s bridal makeup, Cathy’s best friends. Amongst all the bridesmaids, friends, weddings and makeup. This is how Roz came to meet and ask me to do her makeup. Her wedding is in March this year, in Simons Town. Man, what an awesome location for a wedding!
Roz stays in Simons Town and unlike all my Jozi based brides we have been corresponding via ‘Whatsapp’ and email. Luckily for us considering our busy schedules, our planning has been good fun. Though I thought to myself, “How can I get to know Roz?” So I asked her for a story. Not just any story but the story of how she and Calvin met. Better yet, I am going to share their story with you! I know we all love a good love story!
 As a newly qualified Occupational Therapist, I relocated from Johannesburg to Cape Town in 2008. Starting a new circle of friends in a new city is somewhat challenging but I was blessed to have found work with a close-knit company. Little did I know that amongst my colleagues was a match-maker!
The friendships bloomed over glasses of champers, giggles and Friday work lunches overlooking the beautiful mountain ranges and vineyards as it is seemingly done in Cape Town! Colleagues soon became confidantes. In amongst the girlie chats, Mignon would often mention Calvin, her friend and farrier who stabled his horses at the same stable yard as she stabled hers. Mignon was convinced that Calvin and I would be a perfect match.
Calvin is a born and bred Capetonian. He grew up on the Southern Peninsula and has dedicated most of his life, including his career, to horses. He has two of his own horses stabled at the beautiful Glencairn Stables at the foot of the mountains. I can truly say we grew up worlds apart!
After much chatting and coaxing, Mignon arranged a picnic at the stables so that Calvin and I could meet. In the meantime, we had endless chats on BBM (the joys of modern technologyJ). We were both somewhat apprehensive of a blind date so to speak and we decided to meet for dinner beforehand in attempt to relieve any unnecessary awkwardness.
Looking back on our “first date”, it was anything but awkward!! Calvin and I simply continued all our chats in person and have never looked back! We soon became an official item and after 18 months of dating, he proposed on New Year’s Eve 2011/2012 © It has been a fairy tale romance… I can literally say I found my prince on horseback!

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