My Sister’s Hen Party


On the 27th October this year my mom and myself hosted my Sisters Hen Party! It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and we had a week of rain and chill so we were very fortunate for the weather. However it did rain in the early evening. Though what I say, “Rather rain for the hen party and sunshine for the Wedding Day!” A bargain we had to make. Now I must tell you, it felt like I was hosting “The Party” of the year. I must have started saving in January for the event as I only wanted the best for my sister’s Hen Party. I even went as far as hiring a photographer for the event so that my mom and I would not have to run around taking pictures. Instead we were able to entertain and enjoy ourselves. I highly recommend hiring a photographer. I was fortunate enough it get Linzelle, who had shot my makeup workshop in July. She had captured moments that I would not have been able to. She had also taken beautiful pictures of the food, decorations and of our guests.

I must thank my mom for the extra special touches she had done. She had made flags to hang in the garden and she had used quality quilting fabric with backing to improve the quality. I had searched The Pretty Blog for the free printables. I found flags for our carrot cake, labels for the treats and cards of “advice” for each quest to fill in for Chani to keep. We served Tranquil Blush from Pierre Jordan and Ginger Beers from Woolies. Maccaroons, layers of cheese, figs and fresh breads. We did a mosaic “welcome” for my Sister’s home as the activity, which all the ladies enjoyed doing!My mom played such an important role, she sure is amazing!


On the 8th Dec, this Saturday my sister will marry her soulmate John. I am sure we are all going to have a beautiful day. I have quite a weekend ahead of me. I am so excited to share t.such an amazing day with my family! I will keep you posted!

One thought on “My Sister’s Hen Party

  1. Wow looks like such a stunning day, congrats!! Can't wait to see pics of the wedding 🙂 Charni looks so happy in these pics, love the one where she is taking control with the glue gun hehe. Really stunning, well done Cands xx

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