Chani’s Wedding Scrapbook

I want to share my sister’s scrapbook with you. My sister has been an excellent “scrap booker”ever since it became a craze! Soon after Chantell got engaged she started her Wedding scrap book. My sister is a primary school teacher, she is incredibly organised and has gotten straight to work. What has also helped is that she is super creative! We all come from a creative/artistic family though my sister is the true artist in the family. Chani is able to create anything. Most importantly to mention is that she is a mean portrait painter.

I wanted to share it with you today as my sister has found some lovely ideas for her “diy shaby chic” wedding. My Mom and Chani have been doing most of the decor arrangements and sourced (and cost effective too) the beautiful Tiffany Chairs, Printable from local blogs and hard sweets.


Chani is doing the photo booth, green apples for table decorations, juice in Consol jars and will be using the black chalk boards to list the menus and table settings. Though I am certain she will add and change some of her ideas along the way.

One of the most exciting ideas she has come up with is the idea below. My mom and sis are making these delicate soft fabric tassels that hang from string, from the reception ceiling. The two are still busy making the lot as we only discovered recently that what we thought was enough, wasn’t. So we more than likely will be spending some weekends working on these tassels.

She has even found a miniature wooden couple from Ikahya to put on her wedding cake. Even though Chani’s scrapbook is very visual, you can see that her theme and color theme connects all these pictures together. She is following her theme of soft and natural tones/colors, wood, romance and fun. Make lists and compare prices, then remove whatever you do not need and book/hire what suits you best. This rather overwhelming process has been made rather easy through my sister’s scrapbook (weird, I also got nervous when she announced the date and I knew we hadn’t done anything and I am not even the bride!!)

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