A hot summers day..

I was very fortunately to do makeup for three girlfriends, who have all gotten married within a few months of each other. Jessica got married last October, just last Saturday I did Cathy’s makeup for her wedding. In January I did the second friend, Carryn. 

Carryn recently sent me pictures and when I posted them on Facebook, a friend had asked “Can I borrow her as my stunt double for my wedding day.” Carryn used to model, so she knew exactly how to pose. She took beautiful pictures and I am certain the photographer loved taking her pic.

Her wedding was held at Memoir in Muldersdrift, in January. Boy was it hot! We had a lovely spot out in the courtyard under the shade. I wonder who gets to work in locations like I do. Anyway, I hope you enjoy her pictures as much as I have enjoyed doing their makeup. Girlfriends just rock!

2 thoughts on “A hot summers day..

  1. What a stunner this bride is Cands! Love to know what blush/highlighter you used?

    Think if I do kettle bells every day for a year I could have a figure like that….?


  2. I'll give one guess Jints..

    Intermix from Smashbox, though I am sure I used a pale pink scupting blush #4 from Makeup forever on the apples 🙂

    We'll have to up our visits to the gym babe x

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