My Sister’s Engagement

Now you must please bear with me. I do not normally write long stories on my blog as I am always super nervous about all the wonderful spelling mistakes my Microsoft will not pick up! Not to mention the mistakes I will miss! I need to “Hijack” a young student and get them to proof read all my stories before I post! Until I am able to find one, you will just have to bear with myself and Microsoft spellcheck. It’s not our fault.
Anyway, my sister is getting married on the 8th December this year! So very exciting and  my love for brides has grown as well as my love for weddings! Even though I am creative when it comes to makeup, my sister is the true artist in the family. She paints, draws and is as creative as they come. She has started her planning along with her second in command. No not me, my Mother! Who is also a 1stclass sewing and quilt maker. These two are legends in the craft department. So my plan is to keep you posted with all her wedding planning, decor designing and dress hunting. However, before I start sharing my sister’s wedding planning with you, we’re going to start from the beginning! I want to tell you a story. A story about love. The story about how John and Chantell (aka Chani) first met.
My sister is the eldest of the two of us and we have been waiting patiently for John and her proposal. I often find myself telling perfect strangers my sister’s story of how she met her fiancé John. I love the story and I just love a good story of star crossed lovers.
My sister first laid eyes on John when he moved across from my parent’s home in Norkem Park, Kempton. (Yes I come from the East Rand. My sister was in standard 6 and myself still in primary school. He was a long skinny young man, but handsome with his blonde hair and Dr Martens. He would walk to school and my sister Chani would follow him. She would obviously spend her time inbetween periods and breaks on the lookout for him. She would then spot him and following him back home. So this went on for a few months.
I would spot my sister day dreaming and knew it was of John. Luckily the day finally came where the two of them got the chance to talk and the rest was history. Love at first sight was exactly what it was. I still remember my sister playing mixed tapes John had made for her of the Pixies, L7 and The B52’s. (Let’s say he definitely broadened our outlook on music) As any high school love goes, it had its patches. Chantell headed off to The National School of the Arts to continue her high school career there. John headed off to College. They continued to love each other right though towards Chantell matric year, I believe she ended their relationship.
Alas, both where too young.. Chani and John moved onto their different paths. I never heard of John again, except for the one or two moments where Chani confessed (normally after a glass of wine) to me that John was in fact the love of her life and that she still missed and thought of him. He was her soul mate. It made me wonder why she never went after him if she had this information!! People spend their whole lives looking for Mr or Mrs Right and she had actually met him. Weird. Anyway, Chani continued to date nice guys but never found the one. John met someone and had two daughters, Jaime and Jade and a son Jk.
As the years passed while Chani remainded single, she never quite enjoyed my jokes of her running off to the mountains to become a nun. I told her she needs to go meet guys! She never listened. So, a few more years had passed and John had divorced and Chani.. well still single..
My mom was at work one morning and she was on the line to a young man who needed assistance with machinery at her place of work. The gentleman needed directions around the warehouse and was new to the premises. Being the helpful women that my mom is, she headed down to reception to find him and there stood John. They had a good giggle and my mom for some reason, actually not knowing that John was single she quickly scribbled Chani’s cell number and shoved it into his hand. My mom headed home and announced to the family, “I had spotted the John!”
My sister’s ears tingled with wanting to know more. A few days passed and no word from John. I no longer lived at home and even I had heard that John had been spotted! We all waited. Though, low and behold he called Chani and a date was arranged. I remember it was very low key, they went to the local watering hole for a game of pool and shared a few beers. She got home at a reasonable time and went straight to bed. A few days later I remember calling her, I asked her casually, “So how was the date?”
She was quiet and answered that it nice. “Nice??”
“Candice, I am so in love I cannot tell you.”
I do not recall the rest of the conversation but I remember feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. My sister had managed to find her way back into John’s life. If I could exaggerate slightly, it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, birds sang, flowers opened and it was all because my sister was happy. So to cut a long story short, they have continued to be in love, laugh and make everyone around them smile. They finally moved in together where my sister created a lovely home for her and John. She also converted the room where Johns little ones Jk, Jade, Jaime stay into her office. Haha, only kidding! This story is about love, not the evil step mother! She turned their room into a lovely play area where they could play and sleep. John finally came home, so to speak.
On my sister’s 30th, we shared a lovely dinner with friends and family. Chani and John went home and they were apparently pottering around the house and John asked Chani to go fetch something out of his cupboard. Chani went off only to discover a ring sitting happily on the shelf, beaming up at her. I received a call from my sister with tears in her eyes the following morning and yes it was a lovely morning! So I will bring you some updates on my sister’s planning and hopefully it will bring a smile to your day.



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