A White Wedding

Man, has life suddenly turned up a notch or two! We have had all these lovely public holidays for us to share with friends and loved ones. Even I have found it difficult to snap out my holiday daze as well as keep up with a busy month of spray tanning and makeup. I also had an awesome gig with Jose Cuervo, DjFresh and Euphonik from 5Fm. Luckily we will be back on track from May onwards. My new website will be going live one of these days. I will send you all the details when my web designer and wonderful designer are done.

Well we can’t have all write and no play. I actually saw Kirsty the other day, she had recently given birth to her first daughter. She is majestic, just like her mother. Kirsty had actually dressed her bridesmaids in white. Who would have thought? Only Kirsty, I would protest if my bridesmaids, friends or family would have thought to suggest it. However when I saw Kirsty and all her girls in white, I was in awe! Ps Kirsty and a few of the girls had spray tans for the wedding that I had done for them. Natural and Kirsty’s color is fab with her white dress.

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend x

One thought on “A White Wedding

  1. The spraytans all look so fresh and healthy and stunning in photographs.. I think all brides should get one – lighter or darker depending on their natural skin tone of course – it makes all the difference on the day. Stunning!

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