I have two weddings for you today. I did Claudia’s makeup a few years back.Claudia has become somewhat of an agent, referring me to friends and family for spray tanning and makeup. It was her cousin turn Sandrina, last September.

I remember it being a crazy week. We did Claudia’s trial a week before her wedding. She was busy planning her wedding and I had just started my wedding season.

Claudia and Sandrina’s wedding were different from each other. Claudia’s was an early start on a chilly July morning. Though, it did warm up nicely. Claudia’s retinue wore black dresses and Sandrina’s wore dove grey. However, I chose similar colours on the eyes. Both have Kim Kardashian locks, smooth skin and bedroom eyes that must make the boys crazy! I used smokey greys, shimmer pinks, bronzer, pinkie cheeks and lips to finish them off. Claudia and her sister also had spray tans for the weddings.

Sandrina’s wedding was on a hot Summers day. The venue was out in Pretoria East. I remember setting up my kit on the patio outside the room the girls where using. The view stretched out for miles and I felt as though I was far away from home. Well, I was actually.. Another reminder of how lucky I was to be their makeup artist. Claudia and her sister where there and Claudia was cracking jokes right, left and centre. Wicked sense of humour, it most definitely lightened the mood.

Well enjoy this super chilly Wednesday morning.. Have an awesome day.

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