I met Michelle through Bride&co. Michelle was referred to me through Phern (now at Morrells) who at the time worked there as one of the Wedding Planners. I was also one of Bride&co’s service providers.

Michelle had told me her venue was in Northcliff. I had never heard of Morrells. Well, neither had Phern. All that mattered to me was how was I going to get there! Northcliff was a long drive from the East rand (I was living with mom and dad at the time..)

I did a smoky liner for Michelle and individual lashes for that ‘wispy’ look. Her makeup was warm which suited her pictures. Schantel from Kiekie Photography was the photographer. Her pictures are vibrant and seem to have these warm hues (excuse my photo lingo, perhaps need to ask what the real terms are) Schantel is able to bring such brightness and color to her pictures. She captures moments, I love her work!

Anyway, Phern booked me for Michelle.  Phern then left Bride&co and I was very sorry to see her go. The twinkle in Phern’s eye told me that I will hear from her soon. Little did I know that I would start a new love for weddings, brides and bridal makeup.

Michelle’s Wedding was the first wedding I had done at Morrells. I was in love, Lata Mangeshkar sang through the venue’s speakers, tricking me into thinking I was in France.  And there was Phern, Morrells head wedding planners. We had good fun that afternoon. As we did Michelle’s makeup, Phern would pop in to check on the bride (and to top up the champagne glasses) Schantel was in the corner snapping like mad as Michelle and her bridesmaid giggled away.

My next bride to post, the beautiful Alana. Also got married at Morrells and Schantel was her photographer. Will post soon!

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