Tammie @ Morrells

6am and I am sitting in my kitchen eating a warm bowel of comforting oats with honey and milk. My little radio softly sings tunes from the Buena Vista Social Club. Despite the impressive storm we had last night, the sun is up and no sign of clouds.

You probably already know what I am going to be blogging about this morning. Ok, a bride of course, venue.. The one and only, Morrells. I have about four weddings already booked at Morrells this year. Every time I go there I am reminded of the romance of getting married and how special a wedding day is.

I had such a lovely time doing Tammie’s makeup. No elements of a ‘bridezilla’ here. Tammie was cheerful and super excited. I remember it was a hot October afternoon. We were sitting on the patio, Mat was doing Tammie’s hair while I did the makeup.  A true pamper session. We had done your traditional sort of makeup at Tammie’s trial (well I suppose my ‘take’ on bridal makeup). However, on the wedding day we changed our minds. We decided to do a flawless foundation, thick liner and lashes and finished with… hmmm ok, maybe I need to get a new gloss as yet again I have used ‘Pout’ from Smashbox. You must be thinking I have shares in the ‘pout’ lipsticks and glosses. Ps I wear the pout lipstick. There is moments where Tammie has a slight resemblance of Christina Aguilera, though she has softer features. Btw Tammie also had a spray tan.

Well I wish you all a lovely 2012. Let it be romantic, positive and always remember to laugh out loud so everyone can hear you.

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