Sherilee @ The Westcliff

Sherilee was one of the first brides that I had seen sporting a side pony. I did her makeup a few years back and up-styles pretty much dominated the bridal industry. Since then it has become fashionable amongst brides and I am always happy to see something new and different.

I loved how Sherilee looked. She has beautiful skin (which I spray tanned a lovely bronze colour), blue eyes and fantastic features to do makeup on.  She also has a cheeky grin, as though she knows something that you don’t. Got to love it! Her wedding dress was tight at the waist and showed off her figure beautifully.
You cannot see it but I had done a purple pencil on her bottom lash line. It made Sherilee’s eyes pop (not that she needed it). On the odd occasion, I do a khaki green or navy blue pencil liner for something different. Try mixing different eye liners with your natural eye shadow colours.

Well lovely ladies, I am looking forward to 2012. I hope all of my brides, future brides and readers have an adventurous year ahead. One of my New Year resolutions is to blog more often than not.  

All the best, lots of love

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