Francoise @ House Higgo

I adore these photographs. When I received them from Francoise, I was absolutely in love.  Funny, I had been doing makeup for about two years and when I saw these pictures I suddenly felt like a Makeup Artist. It is some of my favourite work even to this day.

Francoise had her wedding at House Higgo in Northcliff. The venue had suited her vintage taste as as well as her French theme. There was so much excitement in the air, House Higgo was buzzing. I recall Francoise having black stone hearts on her table settings as gifts for the ladies. Only in the last year or so has hearts become fashionable and already back then did Francoise have fun shabby chic ideas.

I also did the makeup for her two bridesmaids. We obviously went for red lips and liquid liner, luckily the girls were game for the red lips. Each bridesmaid had on a different shift dress and head band. We had actually decided to change the makeup on the wedding day. We had made it darker and smokier. I think it suited her dress and as well as her beauty. Francoise has eyes that are very caring (as she is a doctor) and you cannot help but smile back.

I still see Francoise for a spray tan once in a blue moon. We always have a laugh and I get to steal interior decorating ideas from her home. Anyway, please enjoy!

One thought on “Francoise @ House Higgo

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! A talented make-up artist put together with such a natural pure angelic beauty like Franscoise! Also my credits to the photographer! What a brilliant team all of you put together!
    Dominique Wilschut

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