Jodene’s hair is pin straight and wears her fringe just below her eyebrows. She is as tall and as graceful as a catwalk model. I was in awe of her beauty. Jodene’s mother reminded me of Kris, Kim Kardashian’s mother. A woman who has a powerful presence and who also can cook up a storm in the kitchen.

I had two trials with Jodene. I normally only have one but being very particular about what she wanted we thought we will have two. Options can sometimes be a good thing. One point I must bring up, Jodene is a beauty therapist. She has awesome skin. I used a light weight gel foundation from Makeup Forever to enhance her flawless beauty.

The first trial we did a ‘Smokey Eye’ and the look was rather dramatic. Jodene resembled a young Cleopatra. At the second trial  we did a much softer look with soft pearl pinks and browns. We finished the look with liquid liner and thick mascara. Bronzer was applied on the cheeks to define her bone structure. Smashbox has an awesome gloss called ‘Pout’. It is a bubble-gum pink. I love it! So did Jodene and most of my brides.

We I hope you enjoy Jodene as much I did. Don’t you just love her pony tail, You rarely see brides sporting a pony tail.

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