Emma Burton not Bunton

Last year I did make-up for a lovely girl by the name of Sherilee. I will share her wedding with you soon. When I did Sherilee’s wedding make-up, I also did her retinue. Part of the retinue was her brother’s fiancée, Emma. Emma is English and looks exactly like Emma Bunton. She is friendly and inviting. Her skin is like milk and perfectly healthy and I have got to mention her posh little accent.

I did Emma’s makeup as she was part of the retinue for Sherilee’s wedding.  She then requested that I do her makeup for her wedding. Needless to say, I was only too happy to do her makeup.
We had a trial three days before the wedding. I believe you will begin to notice that a last minute trial will always make me nervous. (Though luckily we had done her makeup at Sherilee’s wedding) The real reason for her trial just before the wedding was because Emma and her fiancé had relocated to Switzerland earlier in the year. Ps I also did Emma’s spray tan and you will notice how natural it was.
Emma’s wedding was at Avianto (Little Italy). The venue is charming and as you walk through the village hotel towards the bridal suite, one cannot help  feel that you are on holiday. It was a sunny Thursday morning, a few of the girls and moms that were in Sherilee’s retinue were in Emma’s, so it was smooth sailing.

The photographer was Adam Hilton. I remember the Adam, myself and Emma having a good laugh. If Emma was at all nervous about the wedding, I am sure these sort of moments put her at ease.
I loved the pictures Adam had taken of my kit. He has taken pics that I use regularly on my twitter account and Facebook. I hope you enjoy the pictures and Emma as much as I did.

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