Monique @ Morrells

Normally I book my brides well in advance. Monique called me the Monday before her wedding on Saturday.
“I am getting married on Saturday and I need makeup. Are you available?”
I stopped breathing. “It is October, one of the busiest wedding months of the year”.

The Saturday that I had booked ahead of me meant that I would wake up at 7am (keep this in mind, it is a Saturday. No one wakes up at 7am on a Saturday!) And I would more than likely be home at 8pm that evening. Time would be of the essence. I had two makeup trials, a wedding with a retinue of 5 booked and few one on ones in the arfternoon. So you can understand my predicament.

“Eish!” A word I used fairly often during the wedding months when a bride calls on the last minute. Eish always summed it up nicely. It also meant you would more than likely be doing your own makeup on your wedding day!

“I can’t, I am really sorry.”
Monique is a personal trainer. She never takes no for an answer. So with the softest voice I had ever heard, she asked if there was any possible way that I could move a client around or squeeze her in.
It was as though the voice came from a young girl holding a puppy. I just could not say no. So about two hours and a couple calls later, we made a plan! The thought of her doing her own makeup with her DIY smokey eye made me cringe! She was so grateful that I was tempted to ask her the secret to thinner thighs.
We had her trial the Wednesday morning and we were set to do makeup on Saturday.
I have been doing make-up for a couple years now and I hardly ever see the groom on the wedding day. When I arrived, her brother was in the room with her (or maybe a best guy-friend I thought). I asked where the sister was so that she could join us.
Monique answered, “Candi please meet my fiancé!”
I was surprised (pleasantly) to hear that it was in fact her fiancé. Even though I was about to chase him out, she quickly said she wanted him there. We often think there are rules to a wedding but there never are. It was their wedding day, they were sharing it together! Which meant from the second they woke to the second they would fall asleep they would be together!

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